Benefits of resilient floors

Resilient flooring, (or vinyl flooring) is an engineered product and offers numerous benefits that other flooring categories just can't match. It is a flooring created from carefully selected natural and synthetic materials. Today's resilient flooring is a highly engineered combination of polymer materials. Polymers are large molecules composed of repeating structural units, which allow for increased strength and durability for the lifetime of the product. This product construction has changed over the years, just as products in other industries have incorporated new and better technology, resilient flooring has as well. The base construction varies from brand to brand, but the base is primarily a limestone composite material that is formed into solid sheets of varying thicknesses by heat and pressure, and cut into the desired shape, a 16' x 16' tile for example. A photographic representation on a film is applied and encapsulated under a wear surface. Depending on the thickness of the plank or tile and the wear surface thickness and technology, Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank can be used in residential, light commercial and even full commercial applications.

One of the prime benefits of working with resilient flooring is the unlimited possibilities of style and design. Any pattern or color that you can dream of can be created with resilient flooring. This is a huge advantage over other flooring types, such as hardwood, that are restricted to what is found in nature. With resilient flooring and with today's improved technology, you can get realistic natural stones and woods looks imitated almost exactly to what is found in nature. This flexibility of style and design can be found in no other type of flooring product.

Being an engineered floor, resilient flooring, including sheet products, luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank, provides exceptional performance in high traffic areas. The flooring can be created with any combination of wear-layer protectants that can help minimize scratching, stains and scuffs that come with every day wear and tear. 
Vinyl flooring is also extremely easy to maintain. It provides a smooth surface free from cracks and crevices that allows for quick and easy cleanup of dirt, dust and mess. In addition, depending on the brand of your choice, your product will be either 100% waterproof or moisture resistant, meaning it is the perfect choice for the kitchen or bathroom where moisture is a constant issue.

LVT/LVP flooring also absorbs sound, which provides a quieter and more peaceful living space. It is warmer underfoot so early in the morning or during the cold winter months it is a much more pleasant surface to walk on. It is also softer underfoot, so it helps protect joints when standing for prolonged periods of time.

Resilient flooring offers a floor for any budget. There is a wide range of technological advantages in this category of flooring, but the perfect fit for your home can be found at any price range, a true difference from other types of flooring.